LYO Credit
Token Technology
LYO Credit was initially launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) before we switched it from BEP-20 to a new BNB chain. The upgrade was designed to enable the LYO Credit (LYO) to be listed on multiple exchanges. Being listed on multiple exchanges enables increased volume and usage of the token. We improved the token technology by migrating to the new contract.
We burn all tokens from the old Smart Contract during the migration.(0x9d0bbff00a3961455ccb87e43596c7e846e57e7a).
Following that, a whopping 250,000,000 LYO were minted and dispersed to various wallets based on LYO Credit Tokenomics. This development will result in a significant increase in the LYO Credit Token's transaction volume, as well as an increase in the number of users who utilize it.
New BNB Chain

Why use Binance Chain?

The BNB Chain standard improves the token's liquidity and lowers the danger of contracts being breached. BNB Chain meets technical and protocol standards, is widely accepted, and is extremely dependable. LYO is powered by BNB Chain to better serve you as your financial instrument.
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