What is LYO Credit Price?

What is LYO Credit Price?

Check the current price of LYO on LYOTRADE and CoinGecko.

The price of the LYO Credit token fluctuates and changes over time: it depends on the volume of purchases and sales in the market, and LYOPAY does not guarantee its value.

The price of LYO Credit is based on market supply and demand. If demand increases and so DO the purchases of the token, the price goes up.

The LYO Credit Token (LYO) was valued at $0.60 during its Initial Coin Offering period in July 2021. The price is still hovering around $1.46 as of April 2022.

Furthermore, the price of LYO Credit is predicted to rise by $2.00 due to the project's ongoing innovations, which include new cutting-edge crypto services on their way into the ecosystem.

To support the value of LYO, there is the ecosystem that allows it to be used as a medium of exchange and a tool to access staking, minting, and more services.

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